logo, graphic design

Visual identity for Stichting WEP.

WEP is a studio building with an artist-run project space in Groningen.

WEP offers space to professional makers that work in different disciplines and facilitates eleven studio spaces, some of them shared, for an affordable price. Next to these studio’s, there is also a project space which is used by WEP for exhibitions and events. The project space is also available for rent by external parties. 

WEP used to be the headquarters of social housing organisation Patrimonium. After this, the building was used by Academy Minerva for their student-studio’s. When the academy decided to stop with this studio building, the artists decided to keep renting the space, but directly from Patrimonium as WEP Foundation. WEP stands for: Werk, Expositie, Plaats (translated: Work, Exhibition, Place).